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Region education departments on records management system



Uasin Gishu District government has partnered in doing a management training programme in records management technique across all-the county divisions with Wilcom Systems Constrained..

It's pulled all county departmental heads and associates and it is geared toward making a specific driving coverage that can help in methods of handling files within the region.

Officiating the function throughout it in Eldoret's starting, State Public Service Management Chief Officer Miriam Kosgei praised the transfer, saying it reported the Central Registry as a significant product and will develop performance, stability and protection in every the divisions.

"This sensitisation workshop is going to be of excellent help all of the sections. It'll build basic ways of handling documents in a well-organised and organized practices which will increase performance of the state divisions plus terms of storage," she said.

The training can be likely to offer obligation and proof in handling documents and generating visibility to enhance performance in every the divisions.

This uses established alliance of the district and Wilcom Methods in early May this season, where state government rolled out an efficient means of modernising records management method to help relieve storage and access of region information to supply the county government with a protected way of records administration on its crucial data.

After doing a healthy procedure for vetting, Wilcom Systems Limited was selected to modernise the system.

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